Almost no one wants to file bankruptcy as a first choice for resolving overwhelming debt. Most people struggling with debt problems consider bankruptcy to be a drastic measure and a last resort. They first want to exhaust all other possible ways to get out of the debt trap, such as by:

  • Taking on second jobs

  • Selling property

  • Negotiating reduced debt settlements and payment plans directly with creditors

  • Consolidating debt and repaying it at a pace they can handle

Some bankruptcy law firms try to convince clients to file bankruptcy. At The Crow Law Firm, we never pressure clients in this way. We take time to listen and consider all facts in a case, including individual preferences. If bankruptcy is not right for you, you can count on our lawyers serving North and South Carolina to explain other options. You can trust us to give you our honest opinion and explain how to implement other solutions.

Besides advising clients struggling with burdensome debt, we are prepared to get involved by:

  • Negotiating with creditors on behalf of debtors

  • Reviewing loan modification programs

  • Reviewing pending or possible short sales and their terms

Individually Applied Knowledge About Bankruptcy And Bankruptcy Alternatives Can Help You Make The Right Decisions

You may decide, after learning about all available options that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is, in fact, the best alternative in your case. You may reach this decision after learning how the Chapter 13 bankruptcy will work in your case and what advantages it has to offer that other debt relief solutions may not cover, such as ways to include back taxes, back child support and back mortgage payments in a repayment plan — and the opportunity to have interest rates on consumer debts greatly reduced or eliminated during the repayment process.

Learn More About How To Stop Foreclosure And Get Debt Under Control Through Bankruptcy Or By Other Means

Our Monroe debt relief attorneys can help you understand and implement alternatives to bankruptcy. Call or send an email to request a consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.