Incessant phone calls. Threatening letters. Legal actions against you. The methods that creditors use to collect debts can sometimes feel like harassment - which you are protected from under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the automatic stay in bankruptcy court.

At The Crow Law Firm in Monroe, North Carolina, our debt collection protection attorneys employ bankruptcy and other legal strategies to protect individuals from creditor harassment and collections actions such as wage garnishment, property levies and the threat of home foreclosure.

Our team of attorneys truly works as a family, directly communicating with clients while drawing on the experience and resources of multiple lawyers. No case is ever turned over to a paralegal or legal secretary. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask them and get the information you need and ultimately feel confident about your financial future.

Stop Harassing Phone Calls In Union County, North Carolina

Creditor actions that may be considered harassment and in violation of debtor protection laws include:

  • Misleading debtors by making false statements about the money owed or the consequences of not paying

  • Sending misleading or false documents

  • Threatening to take your property without the legal right to do so

  • Harassing you or people you know

  • Lying about credit information

  • Contacting you at work or informing other people about your credit history

  • Trying to collect excess money in the form of unlawful interest rates or fees

When you file for bankruptcy, creditor actions against you are put to an immediate halt (known as an "automatic stay"). All communication from creditors must go through your attorney, and you are given the opportunity to save certain assets or restructure debt so that you can eventually pay it off.

Furthermore, if a creditor violates the law by harassing you, you may be entitled to further compensation. We can help you protect your rights as a consumer and get back on stable ground financially.

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