A traffic violation on your driving record can translate to trouble with the state, with your auto insurance or otherwise. Depending on the violation in question and your previous convictions, you may face stiff fees, insurance premium increases and possible harm to future job aspirations if you rack up traffic violations on your record.

You may be tempted to "just pay the ticket" and get it over with. Doing so amounts to pleading guilty to the allegations that you were speeding or driving recklessly. In addition to the damage to your driving record, you may face increased insurance premiums as you lose your clear status with the North Carolina Insurance Rate Bureau's Safe Driver Incentive Program (SDIP).

Your insurance rates will likely rise by the following percentages, depending on point value of a violation:

  • 1 point=25 percent

  • 2 points=45 percent

  • 3 points=65 percent

  • 4 points=90 percent

  • 5 points=120 percent

  • 6 points=150 percent

  • 7 points=180 percent

  • 8 points=220 percent

  • 9 points=260 percent

  • 10 points=300 percent

  • 11 points=350 percent

  • 12 points = 400 percent

Examples of point values for specific violations include:

  • Aggressive driving = 5 points

  • Reckless driving = 4 points

  • Speeding over 55 miles per hour = 3 points

  • Failure to restrain a child in a car seat or with a seat belt = 2 points

Hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer can pay off, especially when you consider the cumulative effect on your premiums for the years ahead. It is wise to consult with an attorney before paying a traffic ticket. The Crow Law Firm in Monroe, North Carolina, can represent you before any municipal, county or state traffic court. If you live out of town or otherwise find it difficult to take time to go to traffic court, we can appear in your place and represent you in a hearing or traffic court.

Take Steps Now To Protect Your Driving Record After Receiving A Speeding Ticket Or Any Type Of Traffic Ticket

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