A customized estate plan is a key building block of financial and personal responsibility. If you have put off preparing or updating your will, now is the time. North and South Carolina attorneys at The Crow Law Firm can help you design and formalize estate planning documents, including:

  • A will: Simple or complex, new or updated.

  • One or more trusts, most likely built into your will.

  • Powers of attorney to allow someone you trust and designate ahead of time to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated or for any reason cannot make decisions or sign important documents as needed.

  • A health care directive to inform doctors and family members in advance of your preferences for care in a medical crisis.

At The Crow Law Firm, we believe in face-to-face attorney-client relationships and hands-on representation. When you work with this firm to put your estate plan together or to take a family member's estate through probate, you can count on clear communications and cost-effective counsel.

Most people realize they should have a will, but many do not understand how vital it is to follow through. If you should pass away without a will in place, the legal status of your property will be considered intestate. Your family will face obstacles, expense and delays in settling your estate. Your property will be distributed according to state law in a manner that may or may not reflect your wishes. A will, on the other hand, can codify your wishes in a form that will hold great sway in a probate court.

Trusts are also vitally important for many people. With proper trusts in place, most or all of your property may pass on to the next generation relatively smoothly. Your designated beneficiaries can gain access to your bank account, sell your home and otherwise take care of your affairs without unnecessary trouble if you have set up one or more trusts.

A power of attorney is a powerful way to save your family or trusted friend or legal professional a great deal of trouble if you are in a coma, suffer from dementia or are otherwise unable to take care of your own affairs.

Finally, with a health care directive, you can specify your health care preferences, such as the following: Would you want heroic resuscitation if you had a sudden medical crisis? Would you want to be kept alive on life support, or allowed to die naturally?

Probate Law Attorneys In Union County

Are you the personal representative (executor) of a loved one's estate? We can help you through the necessary legal processes. We are interested in helping you avoid delays or disputes. Should a will contest or other estate-related dispute arise, we are confident we can help you settle the matter with minimal expense and trouble.

Discuss Your Goals And Priorities With An Estate Planning Attorney

You can count on The Crow Law Firm to keep your legal matters simple and straightforward whenever possible. Call our Monroe offices or send an email to request a consultation with a lawyer serving North and South Carolina who can advise you on wills, trusts and probate.